Traditional Bathrooms

Buyer’s Guide to Traditional Bathroom Furniture

One of the best ways of injecting interior design flair into the home is through creating  traditional bathrooms. Now you may think that to achieve this classic bathroom setting you would need to carry out a pricey renovation but luckily thanks to traditional bathroom furniture, it is easy to give any bathroom that timeless update.

traditional bathrooms

With the wide range of different bathroom furniture available in the market today, you may wonder what exactly constitutes as traditional bathroom furniture. This guide will help you find your own traditional furniture to instantly achieve a classic bathroom setting.

The appeal of traditional bathroom furniture is how they offer an ageless yet chic design. The traditional look is achieved through elegantly designed units usually crafted from wood or with a wooden finish. Traditional bathrooms can also carry a period look to them with the introduction of era inspired pieces such as Victorian styled furniture. One of the main things to look for in traditional bathroom furniture is whether the pieces maintain an elegant and timeless design or offer that vintage inspired look.

Furniture pieces that follow that aged yet stylish look could follow a variety of different forms. Washstands and vanity units encompass these two elements perfectly. Crafted from solid wood, some washstands are available in a vintage Victorian look whereas most vanity units, with their generous drawer space, will bring timeless appeal to any bathroom setting. Another aspect not to overlook with vanity units and washstands is how they can act as a focal centrepiece to any bathroom setting, making them an ideal option for those who only have the budget to add one piece of traditional bathroom furniture.

For those who do have a budget that will stretch a little further, then the period look of a washstand or vanity unit can be effortlessly complemented by the classic appeal of matching storage units. While when you first think of storage units as being bulky and minimalist pieces, as the traditional bathroom trend is on the rise there are various storage units that you can choose from. A traditional styled storage unit is usually characterized by an ornate design with storage space being concealed with drawers rather than with exposed shelving. Also, as with vanity units and washstands, traditional storage units are crafted from wood or have a classic wooden finish.

traditional bathrooms

Adding traditional bathroom furniture to the bathroom will no doubt up the interior style stakes in the home. When you do decide to renovate the bathroom to an even more traditional look, these classic pieces will greatly complement an era inspired toilet with matching cistern, should you choose to create a continual theme throughout the bathroom suite.

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